4 Real Estate SMS Marketing Tips

Text message marketing

Although the real estate market is one that is constantly changing, what doesn’t change is the benefit of text message marketing in the industry. Real estate agents have a plethora of tools that can be used to advertise, however, none of those methods come close to brining the same benefits that SMS marketing offers. Not only can text marketing be used to advertise houses, it can also help you build solid relationships which bring more business. Take a look at four ways to use SMS marketing in your real estate business.

Alert Customers of Deals and Listings

One of the best ways to use SMS marketing in the real estate industry is with alerts of new housing listing and the latest deals being offered. You can send messages when the cost of a house drops, when a new house is available, when there is a new house in a particular area, and more. Simply advertise the specific keyword for this on your website and in publications and you’re ready to go!

Property Information in Seconds

Another powerful method of SMS marketing in the real estate industry is for potential home buyers to access information about a property that they are interested in within just a couple of seconds. Advertise the specific keyword for this tool on your listing, and watch as people immediately engage and take advantage of this information at their fingertips.

Business Cards

SMS marketing is also effective as a business card. Although not an actual card, you can use a text message to present information to contact you. You can include address, telephone number and email address, and any other information that you would like for the consumer to know.

Lead Generation

The fourth way to use text marketing in your real estate business is to generate leads. You can easily gain many new interested buyers when you place your keyword on your advertising and other business information. Simply reply to that keyword with an email address and regular updates are theirs.

With these four techniques in place, using SMS marketing in your real estate business has never been easier.

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