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18 Dec 2013

Text Message marketing Pricing: What to Look For.

While text message marketing pricing may sound affordable, this is not always the case. It is all to often consumers fail to look for the right things when selecting their text message marketing company and package, resulting
25 Jul 2013

Video Text Marketing for Your Business

If your business has tried all of the conventional marketing methods  with less than ideal results, now may be the time for you to embrace SMS video text messaging as a wonderful marketing tool. Studies show that
5 Jul 2013

How to Build your Text Message Marketing List

A successful text message marketing campaign depends not only on you providing customers an awesome offer, but also having enough people to end those offers to. Building a text message marketing list is something that most people
5 Jun 2013

What is A “Text 2 Win” Contest?

A text 2 win contest is a great way to engage customers. It is one of the many ways a business can market its products and services. According to industry experts amongst the numerous marketing techniques used
7 May 2013

What Is Text Message Marketing Spam?

Text message marketing has become so popular these days that almost everyone is using this service. However one common problem with text message marketing is spam. These are the unwanted messages that end up in your inbox
29 Apr 2013

The Power Of Text Message Marketing

Our friends over at brought to our attention this awesome inforgraphic, made by that highlights some key statistics that help us understand exactly why text message marketing is so powerful. Not only is the design
29 Apr 2013

How Text Message Marketing Works

Our friends over at Slick Text released this excellent video a while ago that visually highlights how easy text message marketing is and how to get started with their service. If you’re unfamiliar with text message marketing,
28 Apr 2013

Text Message Marketing For Doctors Offices

After the success corporate businesses have had using text message marketing, it perhaps comes as no surprise that even doctors’ offices have started using this service. Experts believe that it is a great way of reaching out
27 Apr 2013

How Grocery Stores Are Using SMS Marketing

Text message marketing is a great tool for grocery stores. It allows them to reach out to a large client base without spending too much money. Experts believe that this method of marketing is ideal for driving