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21 Oct 2015

When Promoting Your SMS Marketing List, Be Transparent

When promoting your SMS marketing list, never attempt to deceive. You want potential subscribers to understand the benefits of your mobile rewards program, and you can only express this through transparency. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need
14 Oct 2015

Online Texting Services Warn Customers About Frequent Messaging

Immediately after signing up with an online texting service, you’re required to set a desired monthly frequency. Long story short, this lets future subscribers know what to expect when it comes to monthly message totals. Most text
13 Oct 2015

Text Message Marketing Companies Prioritize This One Subscriber Trait

The best text message marketing companies understand what users need to succeed. Especially as a small business owner, you must learn how to work with what you have, and maintain ROI numbers that provide results. Now, what
11 Oct 2015

MMS Marketing Provides Opportunity to Enhance Brand Recognition

Tons of small business owners don’t understand the importantance of branding. If customers don’t recognize your brand, they’ll never have any sense of long term loyalty. Without brand loyalty, your business is inevitably doomed. You won’t experience
7 Oct 2015 Releases Guide Detailing SMS Marketing Compliance Standards

One of the best SMS marketing providers,, prioritizes customer education. Without the proper learning tools, you’ll never experience SMS success. This mobile communication tactic might come naturally as a personal habit, but when used as a marketing
1 Oct 2015

3 Other Tactics That Work Best with SMS Marketing

Although we’re huge fans of SMS marketing, we never recommend you center your efforts around one tactic. Put all your eggs in one basket, and you’ll definitely be sorry. Partner up your SMS campaigns with these three
30 Sep 2015

The Only Solution to Stagnant SMS Marketing List Growth

SMS marketing yields awesome results for small business owners nationwide. It’s immediate, affordable, and completely effective. But, what happens if your list just isn’t growing? Well, long story short, your SMS marketing efforts will totally be in vain.
29 Sep 2015

Follow These Time Management Tactics for SMS Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, there’s tons of viable options. You must always prioritize those that work best for you. For some, social media marketing might be the most effective, but for others, this might not yield results. We’ve
23 Sep 2015

SMS Marketing Isn’t Just for Millennials

SMS marketing allows you, the user, to send qualified offers out to interested subscribers. These offers are sent via text message, and included in the form of a mobile coupon. Now, some business owners assume that this
18 Sep 2015

How to Couple SMS Marketing with Other Digital Methods

Although we’re huge fans of SMS marketing, we never recommend relying solely on this mobile communication tactic. In order to experience long term success, you must couple this method with other popular solutions. That might sound good