Best SMS Marketing Strategies

Text message marketing

Text message marketing is one of the latest trends of new media marketing, and it is certainly worthwhile to any business that wants to build a solid reputation and loyal customers. SMS marketing is affordable, unique, and preferred by most customers out there. If you are ready to involve your brand in the world of SMS marketing, here are five strategies that you must use to maximize your return.

Stay True to Loyal Customers


When you are true to your loyal customers, it will certainly pay off in the end. A repeat customer is good for business. Through SMS marketing, you can analyze their buying habits so that targeted campaigns are much easier. For those loyal customers, staying true to them means that you are creating programs specifically to engage them. You can offer a VIP club or provide them with special incentives and promotions that the rest of the world doesn’t get. The key is to make those loyal customers feel valued, and there is no better way to do it than with those enticing incentives.

On Time Content


You must send your text messages to a customer at those times that they want to hear from you if you want a response. Time-sensitive campaigns that are sent on the consumer’s time will result in more attention to that campaign.

Multi Channel Marketing


Text marketing is something that can be implemented into any mobile device, and since almost everyone has a cell phone, why not use this to your advantage? Around 95% of all text messages are opened and read by the user. When you send a message from your company, you can greatly maximize the advertising efforts that you are putting forth.



Text messages can be used to enter a contest or a sweepstakes. It is one of the easiest ways to enter, and considering the fact that no one wants to have to fill out those long, annoying forms to enter, it is a technique that is likely to work well with your clients. In addition, using contests promoted via text message can also enhance the customer engagement numbers that you are enjoying.

Interaction is Essential


Sending a text message to an individuals’ cell phone is personal, and in return for allowing this to happen, the customer expects to gain something in return. Make sure that you provide your customers with offers that they will really want. You should also make time to conduct surveys in order to learn what a customer really wants. When you are interacting with the customer, you are fostering a relationship that will improve your overall sales and business results.

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