How Grocery Stores Are Using SMS Marketing

text message marketing for grocery storesText message marketing is a great tool for grocery stores. It allows them to reach out to a large client base without spending too much money. Experts believe that this method of marketing is ideal for driving traffic to grocery stores. Numerous small and midsized businesses are already using text message marketing to enhance their business operations. Let’s look at how grocery stores are benefiting by using text message marketing.

Daily Coupons

Text message marketing is especially useful for increasing monthly sales. Grocery store owners can send out mobile coupons to customers encouraging them to make purchases. Any product that is just sitting on the shelves can be quickly moved with the use of this strategy. You could offer a special discounted price for a limited time. Every time a customer comes in they are likely to make more than one purchase thus increasing your overall sales.

In Store Promotions

Text message marketing is excellent for promoting in store products or services. Let’s say you just installed a brand new ice cream machine and want to tell people about it then you could use this service. If a store department gets upgraded then you could again use this service to inform customers. It is a great way to share new information which will be useful for customers.

Building Customer Loyalty

There are so many grocery stores out there, so finding loyal customers is not an easy task. Customers will always go to the store that gives them the best price and service. Text message marketing helps grocery store owners retain customers. You can send out personalized messages to get up close with customers. Once a relationship of trust is developed, customers are less likely to leave.

Holiday Deals

Most grocery stores offer special holiday packages to customers. Previously, there was no way of notifying customers about these deals unless they visited the store. But now, with the use of text message marketing, every time a new deal is launched a message is sent directly to the customer’s phone. This service helps market the products in real time which is essential for the success of a business.


Grocery stores can send out reminders to customers at the end of each month encouraging them to come back and buy refills. All sorts of products need to be bought on a regular basis from toothpaste to bread. Store owners can remind customers and thus increase sales which eventually lead to higher profits in the long run.

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