Text Message Marketing For Doctors Offices

text message marketing for dr officesAfter the success corporate businesses have had using text message marketing, it perhaps comes as no surprise that even doctors’ offices have started using this service. Experts believe that it is a great way of reaching out to patients. Given that doctors deal with a number of patients on a daily basis, they are unlikely to remember the details of each patient. Text message marketing allows you to communicate better and thus build interpersonal relationships. The staffs at doctors’ offices are thankful for this service because their work is almost halved after using this service. Let’s discuss how these medical offices are benefiting by using text message marketing.

Appointment Reminders

If a patient misses an appointment then not only does he lose out, but so does the doctor. Because from a business perspective, a patient is a paying customer and if he doesn’t show up you don’t get paid. The patient on the other hand may aggravate any problem that he might be suffering from. Text message marketing is the best solution for both parties. Just a day before the appointment, a reminder could be sent out so that the patient doesn’t miss out.


If the medical clinic is offering flu vaccines, then text message marketing could be used to inform customers about it. Previously, there was no proven method of communicating with customers and often such announcements would go unnoticed. But now, through text message marketing, announcements can be made instantly. These messages are delivered to the patient’s phone within seconds.

Follow up Requests

If the doctor feels that it is necessary for the patient to follow up an earlier visit then a message could be sent encouraging the patient to come in again. Communication has been made easy with use of text message marketing.

Test Results

As soon as the test results come out, the patient could be notified via text message. This way the patient won’t have to call regularly and ask for the report. These sorts of messages speed up the processes at hospitals and medical offices.

Health Alerts

A health alert could be a special kind of marketing list which can be used to transmit valuable information to patients. This may include information on any new disease that could be spreading quickly or a new cure to a previously incurable disease. Text message marketing gets the word out faster than any other type of marketing.


Text message marketing is cheap but very efficient, making it the ideal tool for medical offices. Experts believe that both doctors and patients can reap the benefits of this outstanding service.

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