Text Message marketing Pricing: What to Look For.

Text Message Marketing PricingWhile text message marketing pricing may sound affordable, this is not always the case. It is all to often consumers fail to look for the right things when selecting their text message marketing company and package, resulting in services that just will never be up to par. Luckily it is easy to learn the important things to look for when searching for text message marketing for your business, and with this information it is more than possible to get fair text message marketing pricing that is really wroth its costs.

The Best Text Message Marketing Pricing Found

Yes, the text message marketing prices are certainly wonderful when you find a company that is willing to make it such an experience. There are companies who want nothing more than to make a quick buck and care nothing about their customers, their campaigns or their success. Electing to hire one of these companies could cause damage to your business very quickly, not to mention cause a massive amount of frustration. These companies make their deals sound good, but when you really look and read all of the fine details you see that the services they’re offering are not going to provide you with the results that you need to come from your campaign.

What should a good company provide you for the costs?

First of all there should be several different packages and options available. These options should enable you to choose the    number of texts you send per month, as well as various features. Some companies  need more, some need less, and the ability to choose is certainly amazing.

Generally speaking, even the basic should provide you a few essentials, which include;

  • A specific number of messages per month
  • Analytics
  • QR Codes
  • Instant Messaging
  • Online Sign-Up
  • Two-Way Texting

Additional services that you should be offered (with additional costs or packages) include:

  • Keywords
  • Rollover Credits
  • Facebook/Social Media Integration
  • Video Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile e-Cards
  • Voice Messaging
  • Text Marketing Contests

There are many other text message marketing services that may be offered with the company that you choose. When you want more, look at what is available and you are certain to get it. Remember the cost of these services vary, therefore comparing companies and their services is a must. It is also the one and only way that you can be certain that the best text message marketing prices are obtained.  What you do not want is a company that is going to give you less than what you deserve. Some companies may throw in some of what is considered extra into their lowest package, while others may try to make your pay more for what should already be included!

When looking at the costs of text message marketing, you must consider the start-up costs as well. This is another area in which the price will vary greatly from each of the different companies. Some of the costs that you encounter when starting text message marketing can include   setting up mobile service and software. Your best option is to search for a company without these fees,  as they can be extensive and well into the thousands of dollars.

Saving on Text Message Marketing Pricing

There are a number of ways to save on the cost of your Text message marketing pricing. Those options include:

  1. Use a package, when it is available. A package offers you one low price on all of the SMS marketing services and features that you need
  2. Find promo codes . Most text marketing companies offer some sort of promo and when you find and use it the savings can be incredible.
  3. Trial offers are your friend, and this is another feature found with almost all text message marketing companies. Some offer a week, some offer a month or more. Either way the free trial enables you to try the service out for free to see if they really meet your needs. It is awesome to have a free trial!
  4. Use Rollovers: Rollovers allow you to roll over any remaining messages from one month to the next, and can be very beneficial and cost-effective.
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