What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing, sometimes also referred to as "SMS marketing", is a stream of marketing that businesses of varying sizes market to their followers through opt-in text messages. Because text messaging has become so popular with the common person in today's world, Text message marketing has quickly positioned itself as a leading marketing stream for business in general.

More than 98% of text marketing messages are read. Taking that 1 addition step, 95% of are read within the first five minutes of them being sent. That is unbelievably powerful. Text message marketing specifically targets the customers that truly care about what your business has to say and turns their phones' into mobile coupons that you can distribute to them exactly when it benefits your business the most.

Text message marketing works by reserving a unique keyword specifically for your company. When someone then texts that keyword to your "shortcode" or short phone number, they are automatically subscribed to your text message marketing list. When that list of numbers grows, it becomes very powerful and you can send out text message marketing whenever your business needs it the most.