The Only Solution to Stagnant SMS Marketing List Growth

Text message marketing

SMS marketing yields awesome results for small business owners nationwide. It’s immediate, affordable, and completely effective. But, what happens if your list just isn’t growing? Well, long story short, your SMS marketing efforts will totally¬†be in vain. If you don’t have a sizable list, you won’t see large offer redemption rates. Lack of offer redemption means no financial gains, and that’s why most of us are in business, right?

With that said, what do you do when your SMS marketing list just isn’t growing?

Start off by asking yourself these three questions.

Am I doing everything I can to promote my list?

Are you making use of in store flyers? Have you announced your SMS marketing list on social media? When it comes to list promotion, do everything and anything at all possible to spread the word. Even go back to the basics and verbally engage your customers.

Are the opt in details correct and clear?

Your promotional materials should be simple and to the point. Don’t beat around the bush, or make potential subscribers jump through hoops to subscribe. Also, check all promotional materials for potential errors. Maybe you misspelled your textword, or didn’t provide the right shortcode. Either way, when listing out opt in instructions, keep it simple.

Is the opt in incentive appealing?

Does your opt in incentive cause customers to do a double take? Or, on the flip side, is it boring as all get out? You want to wow potential subscribers with an incentive that is borderline irresistible.

If you’re struggling to grow your SMS marketing list, and looking for a quick solution, run through the above checklist. Or, you can give top SMS marketing provider, a call at 1.800.688.6290. They will run you through some popular list growth techniques, and show you how to maximize this text message marketing method.

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