Top 4 SMS Text Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants

SMS text message marketing

So you a own a local restaurant, and business has been pretty slow. You’re looking for an effective and affordable marketing solution. You can’t pour thousands, or even hundreds of dollars into one initiative, but at the same time, you want to see results.

1. Free Dessert on Your Birthday

Most top SMS text marketing providers offer a birthday text feature. This allows you to send out an automated offer to each subscriber on their special day. Sure, you might be giving away free dessert, but there’s a great chance they’ll stop in, and order more than just dessert.

2. Discounted Entrees

Send out a mobile coupon that discounts $5 off one entree. If you feel like being a bit more generous, offer a free appetizer with the purchase of any entree. Either way, instant deals like this usually pull in tons of traction. They give people that little extra push, and encourage them to dine in. When sending out a mobile coupon, always make sure you create a sense of urgency. Provide a limited window of redemption.

3. Text to Win Contest

Looking to quickly grow your list? Run a text to win contest. Before promoting this contest, decide on an irresistible incentive. Then, promote the contest in store and on social media. A great text to win contest rewards subscribers for their loyalty.

4. Bring a Friend

We love when restaurants use SMS text marketing to encourage more foot traffic and expose new people to their brand. Fire out a mobile coupon, reading something like “Bring a friend to Bob’s Burgers tonight, and show this text to receive one free app“. This increases your foot traffic, which ultimately increases sales.

Want some great news? This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of different SMS text marketing campaigns you can use for your restaurant. Always remember to get creative, but at the same time, only send out valuable offers.

Tons of restaurants use SMS text marketing to grow their business. Isn’t it time you give it a try? SMS text marketing helps you increase sales, develop brand loyalty, and strengthen customer relationships.

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