What Can Text Message Marketing Do for Your Small Business?

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There’s a lot that you can expect from a text message marketing campaign, especially these days when almost everyone (if not everyone) relies on their mobile devices on a daily basis. The text messaging component of a phone does not only facilitate chats, but it also serves as a powerful text message marketing tool. Studies indicate that mobile phone users are more engaged with SMS messaging than they are with other mobile marketing avenues like e-mails or social media. Even with such findings, some business owners are still hesitant to adopt SMS messaging platform due to their lack of knowledge on how advantageous it can be.

So, why use text message marketing?

It’s engaging.

If you are like most consumers, you probably can’t wait to read a text message when it arrives in your inbox. In fact the majority of text messages are read within just a couple of minutes after they have been received. This has benefited business owners because consumers are always eager to read the message immediately they are sent. This enhances quick promotions resulting to business growth.

It’s interactive.

There’s no easier way of interacting with your customers than with a text message. You can pose your message as part of a questionnaire or poll to encourage your target audience to read more closely and become active participants. Also including a link to entertaining videos or images with more details about your promotions encourages users to investigate further.

It omits communication delays.

Emails and other social media networks always delay communication as more people do not open or view their inbox often. Text message marketing therefore omits such delays because many people use their mobile phones and frequently open their inbox to read messages thus instant communication is enhanced.

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