What is A “Text 2 Win” Contest?

text message marketing contestA text 2 win contest is a great way to engage customers. It is one of the many ways a business can market its products and services. According to industry experts amongst the numerous marketing techniques used these days text 2 win is probably the most efficient. It gives the customer an incentive to take part in the contest. Text message marketing is very popular with small business owners as it gives them a chance to make inroads into the market at a rapid pace. Let’s discuss the key elements of text message marketing contests in more detail.

Easy and Simple

Text message marketing is fairly easy and simple which is why it is the preferred marketing method of choice of for most business owners. A text 2 win contest gives customers a chance to win a prize. All they have to do is send a text with a particular keyword for a chance to win. You could ask questions through text message marketing and people who answer them correctly get to win a prize.

Easier to Reach Customers

A text 2 win contest makes it easier for the business to reach out to customers. It creates a connection thus increasing the chances of a positive response. Text message marketing contests allows you to reach customers at the point of purchase thus creating a real time interactive environment.

Exchange of Information

A text 2 win contest is the fastest way to exchange information with customers. This type of text message marketing gives you the chance to test the knowledge of the customers. You can ask questions about your brand and also advertise new products. In this modern era this is one strategy that you must definitely implement if you want to be successful.

Target Market

Through a comprehensive text message marketing plan you can target specific consumer groups based on their location, age etc. Text 2 win is a great strategy for small businesses as it helps them diversify their target market. It is also a strategy that will work in the long term and help you increase your market share.

Brand Recognition

A text 2 win contest engages the customers in such a way that it enhances brand recall and recognition. Remember that the main aim of any business manager is to build the brand’s image. This is one marketing technique that enables you to do so. Through text messge marketing contests you regularly stay in touch with your customers.

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