What Is Text Message Marketing Spam?

Text message marketing spamText message marketing has become so popular these days that almost everyone is using this service. However one common problem with text message marketing is spam. These are the unwanted messages that end up in your inbox without your consent. Under the spam act commercial text messages must be sent with the consent of the customer or else they would be illegal.

Spamming does a lot of damage to business owners who are genuinely looking to use this medium to further their business activities. Since the customer receives so many spam messages everyday they are likely to ignore your message as well. People do not have enough time to differentiate between the message which is why they get annoyed after a while and even ignore the genuine messages.

You could say that spamming is text message marketing’s worst enemy. As a business owner you must not indulge in such practices and also discourage others from doing so. Remember that the effectiveness of text message marketing depends on the readability of the message. If text message spamming continues then it could meet the same fate as email marketing. Soon all commercial text messages will end up in the junk folder regardless of whether they are genuine or not.

As a business owner you might not be able to stop others from sending spam messages but you can definitely play your role. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you.

Limited Messages

Firstly you must avoid sending out too many messages to customers. You should realize that by sending messages regularly not only are you lessoning the impact but also decreasing its value. Also try to be customer oriented, don’t send out meaningless messages.

External Messages

External messages include information about other businesses that might be associated with you. However these are unimportant to customers because they only subscribed to your service and shouldn’t have to hear about your partners.

Informational Messages

Customers should always be provided with valuable information. Meaningless messages won’t do you any good. Don’t text just to say hi, there should some purpose behind the message let’s say you are offering a deal or package etc.


Text message marketing is a great tool that can give any business a boost if used in the right manner. Spamming can seriously affect a business’ marketing campaign so it must be avoided at all costs. In the long run text message marketing will benefit you greatly so definitely consider using it for your business.

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